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Empty Toilet Roll -Pen Organiser

Let's start our Monday with easy crafting tutorial that will organize your desk. Every time I saw the empty toilet roll in our office toilet I'm thinking what craft I can make to re-use and recycle it somehow. Friday afternoon when I come back to my desk ruler, ballpen and my other crafting gadgets is all over my desk then I started to get some ideas. Why not make some organizing divider using empty toilet paper roll?

I tried to search on the web to get some ideas on how to do it but no luck, so I started to gather some materials to make it eye catching on my desk.



1st step: Apply the double-sided tape on empty toilet roll

2nd step:Start to wrap around the rope on the empty toilet roll, leave at least 2 cm to design the top of empty toilet paper. Do it same step to the rest of empty toilet paper with double sided tape.

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3rd step: Start to design the upper part of empty toilet roll with your selected paper stripe, I choose the violet color mixed with dark and light with touch of dark pink.

4th step: Start to glue it together using hot glue gun together with the lower part (hard paper).

From empty toilet paper it will transformed into amazing pen divider on your table.

P.S. I used cutting dice on lower part paper just to have some design, make your own design and tried some other stuff. If you have any questions feel free to comment or send email.

Happy crafting


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