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We have used Ken Bidinger, owner of Bullseye Plumbing, several times, from a water heater to a gas line. He has been very professional, very well priced, and we would highly recommend him.

Diane San Mateo, California

Straight-up good. After talking to two other plumbers and then talking to Ken, I had to go with Bullseye Plumbing to replace a section of main sewer line due to root intrusion. They bid half the price of the others but delivered twice the service I expected. Good, honest, informative service - and they took the time to explain things in a way that a price-conscious home-owner appreciates (before, during and after the job!). I'll definitely call Bullseye in the future!

Michael Belmont, California

I used Thumbtack and Ken Bidinger got back to me with a competitive quote. He was able to come to the City on the day I worked from home. We had very low water pressure and he had a fitting replacement faucet with him in the truck. We also had a running toilet and he had the parts to fix that. He was done within an hour and a half. Very friendly and communicative. I'd highly recommend working with Ken!

SteffiSan Mateo, California

Ken of Bullseye Plumbing came to fix an on going toilet problem, quickly, neatly and reasonably. I also have a shower valve problem, which will require a return trip due to the shower valve being an import and not readily available. I recommend his services!!

FrancesBurlingame, California

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Sound the trumpets! Look no farther! This high quality plumbing service is extraordinary. Ken is a professional through and through and meets my personal Gold Standard for knowing exactly what needs to be done and doing it right. He is honest and extremely dedicated to the finest customer service. Really - look no farther - you have no worries with this one and - the price is right! BTW - 5 stars is definitely not enough! 😉

JoanneFoster City, California

They were booked & not able to accommodate my last minute request but they called me promptly to let me know. Class act. Thanks Bullseye Plumbing!

Gretchen San Mateo, CA

Ken is great! He found my shower valve and installed it super quick!While waiting for the shower valve, I purchased a new kitchen sink faucet. He did the install on the faucet too! All done within an hour!

FrancesBurlingame, California

Ken and his guys at Bullseye Plumbing were great! We had a flood in our front yard (busted irrigation pipe) so we had to turn off our water source. It's really inconvenient living w/o incoming H2O, so we needed a good plumber stat. We found Ken on Yelp and gave him a call the timing worked out perfectly because he was able to send someone out right away and start working. Ken showed up shortly thereafter and once he explained what was going on and what he planned to do, he also went to wo

Nomey San Francisco, California

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